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Rubber Club

LANXESS initiative encourages primary school students from the community surrounding the Triunfo petrochemical complex (Rio Grande do Sul state)
In 2011 LANXESS ran a project with schools in the municipality of Triunfo (Rio Grande do Sul state) called Rubber Club. It was a competition among primary school students (4th to 6th grades), designed to promote and demystify the subject of synthetic rubber among students.
The project comprised a student visits to the SSBR synthetic rubber plant in Triunfo, to show them the production process. After understanding the operations at the plant, students were invited to enter an essay-writing contest.
The groups gathered together about 50 people, including students, teachers and guides. All the schools involved in the competition got a set of soccer equipment (a ball, goal nets, and bibs for the players) and the writers of the best essays won a school kit (backpack, pencil case, notebooks, pencil and pen).
Activities run during the visits:
1 - Opening:
a. Presentation on the company.
b. Presentation on rubber production.
c. Presentation on the project.
d. Guidelines on writing.
2 - Visit to the industrial area at LANXESS.
3 - Competition.
4 - Announcement of the winners / prize giving.

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