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Seasons change, fashion goes through different trends, but leather remains. The business unit of chemical products for leather treatment provides a large variety of products required for leather production – both natural and synthetic – curing and recurring aids, preservatives, fatliquors and auxiliary products. 

The main applications and areas: Automotive, Footwear, Apparel, and Furniture. 


LANXESS’s iron oxide based pigments stand out for their quality and compatibility with international standards. 

The products feature excellent resistance to fading, weathering, and chemicals. Bayferrox® is available in powder, granules and compact pigment. These granules are much denser than powder, which is a great advantage in transport and storage. 

The unit also has a decades-long history in coloring paints and coatings, plastics and paper, as well as in special pigments for toner and other applications. 

The main applications and areas:

Civil construction materials, paint and coloring manufacturers, and the plastics industry.


It produces about 4,000 preparations of active substances and specialty chemicals custom made for the rubber, lubricant and plastics industries, as well as for polyurethane chemistry. It also makes demolding agents and bladders for the tire industry.

The main applications and areas:

The automotive, tire, paper, construction / insulation, metal processing, furniture, sporting goods, mattress, and adhesive industries.


High-technology plastics, Durethan® and Pocan®, have excellent growth and innovative potential. Thanks to efficient production units and the intensive development of new applications, they are among the most competitive in the area. Production of Durethan® and Pocan is also backed by the strategic manufacture of pre-products. The facilities in Krefeld-Uerdingen and Antwerp are among the largest in the segment, producing caprolactum and fiberglass on a global scale.

The main applications and areas:

Durethan®: used in the automotive, electrical / electronic and construction industries.

Pocan®: used in automotive, and electrical / electronic industries, as well as in medical, sporting and leisure applications.


The unit’s products are used in a wide variety of applications, such as microbiocides, insecticides and preservatives. The Preventol® line is made up of highly effective microbiocides with a wide range of applications in disinfectants. These include antiseptic applications and active ingredients for disinfecting hospital and veterinary instruments. The MPP unit also manufactures active ingredients to protect wood, and the fungicides and pesticides in the Preventol® line are essential and well-known components used in protective wood coatings. Another important application for the products from this business unit is the preservation of various items such as water-based paints, plaster and cement, glues and adhesives, emulsions and suspensions. The VELCORIN® brand provides technology for non-alcoholic products and wines.

The main applications and areas:

Protection of wood, paints, coatings, the construction, healthcare, personal hygiene, and food sectors

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