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With its ‘Sustainable Leather Management’ program, LANXESS has established a brand for sustainable and eco-compatible products and processes in the leather industry. The company’s central aim is to crate measurable advantages in the form of reduce emissions, the elimination of health risks, and a smaller product carbon footprint (PCF) to save energy and protect the climate.

The initiative represents the company’s foundations for sustainable solutions. LANXESS’s aims for development in this area include:

- products (the optimization of renewable substances and raw materials)

- a new tanning system with a sustainable appeal for the production of wet-white leather, which is aligned with the best chrome tanning procedures 

- sustainable production processes for leather with the minimal impact in terms of chemical oxygen demand (COD) – to this end, special procedures are being developed based, for example, on efficient beamhouse systems or chrome tanning with maximum drainage; and 

- a leather weight reduction process to increase its lifecycle, as well as leather recycling.

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