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Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable development as a key issue to the future of the industry and society as a whole. Thinking about this, LANXESS has adopted a new global initiative to help, called “Sustainable Leather Management."

Leather is a natural product which has been known and appreciated since ancient times, and sustainability is more than just a trend in fashion. Sustainability in the leather sector means more efficient means of production, transformation, and recycling. It is vital so that enough high quality leather remains available at affordable prices in the future, without damaging the environment or people’s health.

For LANXESS, the basic principle of sustainability is that renewable raw materials must not be used faster than they can be produced. According to the company’s calculations, there is no way, for example, to maintain current leather production levels using vegetable tanning. This is because most leather is produced by synthetic tanning and re-tanning materials. In the same way, the industry must not produce more waste than can be broken down by the environment in the same period of time.

To achieve these objectives, LANXESS develops and trades a wide range of premium products and solutions that are especially adapted to sustainable leather production.

In addition, LANXESS, within its Corporate Responsibility policy, supports the “Rio dos Sinos is ours” project, which helps conserve the Rio dos Sinos water basin, which is very important to the region, as well as the Reading Rooms and Environment Week projects.

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