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Santa Casa in Porto Feliz

LANXESS contributes to refurbishing Santa Casa hospital in Porto Feliz (São Paulo state)
LANXESS has provided further evidence of its commitment to the community surrounding its plants. In October 2011, the company donated R$ 60,000 to the city of Porto Feliz (São Paulo state) to refurbish the Santa Casa hospital in the city.
The donation was made at the company site in Porto Feliz, and was attended by Mayor of the city, Claudio Maffei, and representatives of LANXESS. The money will be used for structural changes to the nutrition and dietetics sector.

Martim Assmuth said that LANXESS is committed to the communities it operates in. “It is a pleasure for us to be able to contribute to an institution as important as Santa Casa hospital. We believe that joint action like this underscores our commitment to society,” he added.  

Mayor Cláudio Maffei said that this gesture by LANXESS demonstrates the company’s concern for social issues in the municipality. “LANXESS’ collaboration with Santa Casa hospital is a demonstration of the company’s social responsibility, which should be followed by other businesspeople. We have also had more good news, namely the investment announced by LANXESS in the Porto Feliz plant,” said the Mayor, referring to the investment announced by the company in the unit.

In addition to this project, LANXESS has invested in other institutions in Porto Feliz, such as the building of the Porto Feliz Fire Department Headquarters, and has made donations to entities such as Monte Carmelo, APAE, the Green Cycle project and projects run by the Environmental Department.