Diversity & Inclusion

Different perspectives enable us to achieve more. No matter where you come from, how old you are or who you love – each of us brings different, valuable skills, knowledge and experience.

Diversity has many dimensions such as age, nationality and ethnic origin, gender, religion and worldview, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, or work experience.

Inclusion means valuing, respecting and living with this diversity, in an environment where all people can belong and thrive.

“We value diversity and consciously promote a culture of respect, trust and appreciation. Through the inclusion of all employees with their different skills and perspectives, we progress together as a team and ensure the sustainable success of LANXESS!” (Stephanie Coßmann, Labor Director and member of the Board of Management)

Diversity enables us to look at our tasks and challenges from different perspectives and to constantly develop ourselves further. It helps us to solve problems in today's complex working environment and makes us more innovative and competitive as a global company. Furthermore, we consider inclusion to be indispensable. Only if all LANXESS employees feel valued and can share their perspectives, diversity will be able to unfold its positive effects.

Our Vision
At LANXESS, different is synonymous with success and opportunity!
•    Including diverse perspectives makes us more innovative and enhances our competitiveness
•    For us, talent matters regardless of individual characteristics – we welcome everyone who commits to our values
•    Providing every individual with equal opportunities is part of our DNA;  starting in the recruiting process, we live up to it – everyday, all the time
•    We embrace the uniqueness of every single individual and are truly committed to supporting our people in developing their individual potential
•    We value an open-minded, respectful culture and appreciate different perspectives

How do we do that?
To successfully work together, respect as one of our values is firmly anchored in our Performance Culture. We expect each of us - irrespective of level, role or function - to contribute to an environment in which people from different backgrounds feel valued and can realize their full potential. We also focus on diversity and inclusion as part of our sustainability work and our related goals.

In leadership as well as in HR processes, we place great value on equal opportunities, for example when hiring new employees or in personnel development. We are working to reduce the influence of unconscious biases/thought patterns on holding on to the status quo, for example, through a standardized hiring process or clear criteria for talent identification. We also promote opportunities for flexible working and are constantly striving to further improve our offers for the balance between work and private life.

By signing the German "Diversity Charter", we make a clear public commitment to diversity. We are part of a network and have good contact with other companies that are committed to diversity.

And what else is LANXESS doing to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce?

•    We show the diversity flag on Christopher Street Day to emphasize our support to the LGBTI community.
•    We promote international exchange and intercultural diversity: Did you know that currently employees from 76 nationalities work at LANXESS?
•    We make a public commitment: LANXESS has set itself clear targets to increase the proportion of women in management. Since 2012, we have been pursuing the promotion of gender diversity beyond legal requirements as part of our sustainability work. New targets were added in 2019: First, we will implement our Xwork initiative worldwide to promote the compatibility of career and family at LANXESS. Second, we are specifically promoting diversity in our Group-wide talent programs.