Products & Applications

LANXESS produces inorganic pigments at its Porto Feliz site. Marketed under the names Bayferrox® and Pó Xadrez, they are characterized by their outstanding lightfastness, weather stability and chemical resistance. Bayferrox® synthetic iron oxides are globally available as powder, granules and compact pigment. Besides the inorganic pigment production, LANXESS business unit RheinChemie produces Rhenogran® and Rhenoslab® at the site. The Rhenogran® and Rhenoslab® range is made up of polymer-bound rubber chemical additives, which are mainly supplied in the form of an 80 % concentration and in free-flowing granules or slabs form.

LANXESS pigments are used for various fields of applications. On the one hand the products are used for the coloration of different material, e.g. construction material, coatings, plastics or papers. On the other hand the products are applied in a comprehensive range of specialty applications.

The largest percent of sales of LANXESS color pigments is supplied to the construction materials industry, where the pigments are widely used for concrete elements and roofing tiles.
They also have a decades-long track record for the coloration of paints and coatings, plastics and paper.

LANXESS pigments used in specialty applications are based on iron and chrome oxides that have been optimized for the diverse requirements of various markets. The broad range includes products for the manufacture of airbags, brake pads and refractory ceramics, toners used in copiers and laser printers, and adsorbents used for drinking water and wastewater purification.

Rhenogran® and Rhenoslab® are the brand names for the world’s largest and widest range of pre-dispersed, polymer-bound rubber additives. With the use of these additives, the quality of the rubber mixture can be significantly improved. In addition, it eliminates the health risk of inhaling chemical dust. Rhenogran® and Rhenoslab® are  used in the most diverse rubber applications, as in hoses, wires and cables, seals and gaskets, shoes and tires.

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