Corporate Responsibility

At LANXESS Inorganic Pigments we do not make any compromises on economy and ecology. As all our plants, also the production site in Porto Feliz is committed to operate according to the high sustainability standards.  

Already in 2004, LANXESS initiated a major redesign of its production process called “retro-washing”, which resulted in significant environmental improvements. Water consumption has dropped by about 44%, the quantity of waste has been reduced by about 40% and waste water volume by 44% in 2010 vs. 2004. In addition, operating costs have also decreased, and productivity and quality have increased.

With the use of renewable, environmentally friendly fuel at the co-generation plant, energy generation becomes completely CO2-neutral, which basically means that no more CO2 is released into the atmosphere than is later absorbed again by the sugar cane plants. From 2010, our climate gas emissions will decrease by around 44,000 metric tons of CO2 per year compared to 2002 levels.

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