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Fórmula X

Fórmula X

Formula X was unveiled in year 2005 as LANXESS leadership principles. It is the result of a working retreat by the LANXESS Global Leadership Team. Together, by analyzing the core values of our company and the challenges we face, they distilled these into four cornerstone principles that will serve to guide each member of the LANXESS team as we face the challenges of the future together.

LANXESS Formula X will provide a useful guide for the right way to proceed in any given business situation according to the core principals of our company.  As a result, the LANXESS team will always be on the same page - empowered to make decisions in the knowledge that we are pursuing common goals with common strategies, in the pursuit of making LANXESS a long-term, independent success.  

From year 2010, LANXESS China has launched Spirit of LANXESS Award to recognize and promote behaviors and efforts aligned with LANXESS Formula X.

  • Seek solutions -not problems:-We focus on the future and aim for results. We believe in  imagination and effectiveness.
  • Take ownership: We are committed to self-empowerment with initiative, ambition and courage.
  • Keep it simple: We enhance our efficiency and focus on essentials, flexibility and openness.
  • Think new –act fast: We count on change, innovation, speed and decisive action.