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The manufacturing technology of polybutadiene used in Cabo de Santo Agostinho site is different from the other LANXESS Elastômeros do Brasil´s units. At the Cabo site, LANXESS produces NdBR (Neodymium butadiene rubber), LiBR (Lithium butadiene rubber) and SSBR (solution styrene butadiene rubber) in solution. It is distributed under the brand names: Buna CBNd, Buna CB and Buna SSBR.

Roughly 25 percent of the synthethic rubber produced in the world today is polybutadiene rubber. About 70 percent is used in tire compounds, with another 20 percent used in plastics modification (HIPS, m-ABS). Applications are virtually limitless though.

Where rubber seals are expected to perform reliably under extreme conditions – in heat and cold, in contact with aggressive media such as oil, petrol or brake fluid, under exposure to ozone and under heavy mechanical loads – then elastomeric materials are an absolute essential. They are used in roofs, cables, on drilling rigs and work and sports apparel. Rubber dampers cushion unwanted vibrations – from vehicle shock absorbers over wind energy turbines to ocean ship coupling systems and whole skyscrapers, synthetic rubber brings more comfort and safety. Rubber moves – tires are just one of many ways in which rubber is used to transport a wide range of goods and media. Conveyor belts, flooring, hoses and rubber handrails are just some of many examples in which rubber is used to transport people, goods and media efficiently and safely. Lattices are used in the production of foams, the modification of asphalt, and other applications.

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