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Avecuia Project

LANXESS supports water conservation project on the banks of the Avecuia River in Porto Feliz (São Paulo state)
The struggle against water wastage is opening doors to new opportunities in sustainable operation and, consequently, shaping strong partnerships between the public and private sectors, and civil society. Such is the case in a joint action between the NGO, Ecoar Florestal, and the Mayor’s Office in Porto Feliz, in the State of São Paulo, which has inspired the specialty chemical company LANXESS to invest in building a municipal water resource protection, reforestation and local biodiversity program.

The aim of the Program is to improve environmental quality and water resource protection at the Avecuia stream watershed, the sole source of water supply in the city, by planting seedlings of native species.
In order to ensure the continuity and development of the program in 2010 and 2011 LANXESS supported the project with financial donations to maintain the planting and forest restoration team. This is in addition to the amounts invested by the city of Porto Feliz. In two years of support, 60,000 seedlings are expected to have been plated.
For the mayor of Porto Feliz, Claudio Maffei, LANXESS plays an important role in the city, especially through its partnership in the Avecuia project. "We are delighted with this collaboration, which includes the first, second and third sector. For us, this is extremely rewarding," he said.
According to Madersdorfer, the water reuse system in the plant shows that by efficiently managing scarce resources it is possible to achieve great results. “The continuous improvement of processes is key to assuring the company’s competitiveness, as well as to showing the company’s commitment to the regions where we operate. As proven by reality, it is our duty to act sustainably, aligning economic, environmental and social skills”, he said.