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Reading Rooms

In partnership with the Oldemburg Development Institute, LANXESS promoted education in low-income communities through the Reading Rooms project.
This initiative, created and put into action in partnership with the Oldenburg Development Institute offers reading spaces for communities in the direct vicinity of our sites.

These spaces may be in schools, neighborhood associations, hospitals, and other such locations. Each of the rooms has two copies of 500 titles published by the Record Group - another backer of the initiative – one to be read in the room itself, and the other for loan to the community.

For Marcelo Lacerda, CEO of LANXESS, by investing in a project like this, the company shows that it believes in quality education as a cornerstone on which to build a better country for Brazilians.

The experience with this initiative, says Lacerda, has been very satisfactory. “The receptivity and interest shown by the children and adults in the initiative has been far in excess of our initial expectations, in addition to the gratitude from school principals, parents, educators, and collaborators in the project.” Lacerda draws special attention to the Reading Room opened at the Monte Carmelo Institute in the city of Porto Feliz. “In a scarcely populated rural region, this entity develops educational activities that value the family, the environment, citizenship, and respect. However, prior to our initiative, they did not have any space given over to reading.”

Up to now, LANXESS has sponsored 50 reading rooms close to its sites all over Brazil – in São Paulo, Porto Feliz (SP), São Leopoldo (RS), Duque de Caxias (RJ), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE) and Triunfo (RS).

In 2009 alone LANXESS opened an additional 40 reading rooms.