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Mentoring Project

LANXESS supports the program in Cabo de Santo Agostinho (Pernambuco state) that offers citizenship and vocational courses for disadvantaged young people
The Mentoring Program is based on a process of sharing knowledge that offers disadvantaged young people in Cabo de Santo Agostinho (Pernambuco state) classes on citizenship, human rights, and ethics as a way to get them out of the process of social exclusion, allowing them to take control of their lives.
Between 2004 and 2010, through a partnership between LANXESS and SENAI, the project provided students who achieved above-average grades with a full scholarship on the professional training course in the industrial maintenance area, which includes activities in industrial design, metrology, and maintenance. About 400 students benefited during the project.
The program is structured around five pillars:
1 - Promotion and Admission
The program lasts ten months, working with 40 students (who are mentored) from high school. It involves four teachers (mentors) who are selected from among school teachers.
2 - Training and Qualification
The program offers participants a series of training modules lasting a total of 32 hours for each group, providing knowledge and educational tools so that the mentors and mentees can together draw up Personal Development Plans. The Training and Qualification modules are:
Module 01: Ethics and citizenship – knowing how to care
Module 02: Mastery of life - the 12 quality of life laws
Module 03: The tools for professional achievement
Module 04: Drawing up my personal strategic plan
3 - Personal Development Plan
During the module "Personal Strategic Planning Techniques," mentees develop their projects under the guidance of their mentors and the project team. Adding to the process of formulating the project, the mentors, along with their mentees, hold 12 mentoring sessions at the school, addressing issues related to quality of life and career development.
The program also provides activities with the families, integrating them into the teaching-learning process developed in the program.
4 - Evaluation and Monitoring
The application of tools in a procedural manner, focused on the indicators established.
5 – Professional training